Is it true that once you have had your carpet cleaned it gets dirtier quicker?

This was true many years ago when cleaning by shampoo was the normal way owners tackled their carpet cleaning themselves.  Solutions and Cleaning Machines are much more sophisticated today and providing cleaners follow necessary procedures, this rapid resoiling shouldn’t take place.

How long will my carpet / furniture take to dry?

Drying times for carpet and soft furnishings can vary greatly due to the following conditions:

  • Relative humidity within the environment.
  • Adequate ventilation introduced to the environment.
  • The degree of soil contained within the carpet or fabric.
  • The level of competence of the cleaning technician.
  • The moisture retention rates of the respective fibers.

With the most favorable conditions, the industry recommended drying time is between 6 and 12 hours.  At BSC we use high-vacuum, truck-mounted extraction units to recapture up to 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process.  BSC’s drying times for both carpet and furnishings are between 2 and 5 hours.

Do you use chemicals to clean?

Every cleaning system uses some form of chemical to clean carpet and soft furnishings, water is a chemical and forms the basis of most cleaning solutions – in BSC’s case, all solutions used are water-based.

Someone in the house suffers from an allergy will the cleaning solution be a problem?

Carpet cleaning methods rely mainly on water-based solutions and the cleaning technician should be made aware of the allergy.  Steps can be taken to ensure that the risk of the allergy sufferer coming into contact with a cleaning solution is eliminated.  The allergy sufferer should avoid entering rooms that have been cleaned for a twenty-four hour period.

Do rooms have to be cleared in preparation for the technicians arrival?

No, but it does help if any breakable items (i.e. China, glassware, etc.) are removed from the room, including those inside cabinets that will have to be moved.  It would also help the technician if small furnishings are also removed, such as waster paper bins, lamps, smaller chairs, rugs, clutter, etc.  Items will be placed back in their respective spots after the cleaning has been completed and where necessary either foam blocks or plastic protectors will be used to prevent these items from coming into contact with the carpet while it dries.

Will all the stains in my carpet / upholstery come out?

Most marks and stains will come out during the cleaning process.  Some of the more difficult dye stains may need some specialist treatment to deal with them.  Any success at removing these types of stains is often diminished by home remedies that have already been tried before the technician is called.

I have black lines all around the edge of my carpet, will they come out?

It depends on the severity of the black lines.  A professional cleaning technician should be able to significantly improve the appearance, however the source of the problem needs to be addressed to prevent the stain from returning.

Can I put the cushion covers of my upholstery in the washing machine?

Not advisable… the zips on cushions are there to assist the manufacturer in fitting the foam fillers into the cushions NOT for the consumer to take off to wash the covers.  These zips are not very strong and can easily break.  The covers can shrink making it difficult to get the fillers back in.  Additionally, some detergents can affect the colors of the covers.

Baltimore Steam Cleaners is an IICRC-certified firm. For more detailed FAQs, visit their website.

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